The Library Candle


Bibliotheque - inspired by Bibliothèque nationale de France

Close your eyes to transport yourself away to the King's leather armchair. Surrounded by some of the oldest books in the World and beautiful leather tables, you can still smell the deep and woody tobacco scent (It was only banned in 2007) trapped within the paper and furniture.

This essential oil blend promotes focus and mental clarity.

Size : 180 ml 

Burn Time : 35 - 40 hours

Customer Reviews

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Library candle

This was a new candle scent for us, bought for the men wfh. Lovely slightly musky scent, really interesting fragrance reminds me of leather chairs and wood polish, quite homely and a great choice for those not into floral or spa candles. Beautifully packaged and prompt deliver with fabulous customer service.Another winner.

Lovely smell

We received this candle as a gift a few months ago and loved the smell. When it was finished we got rid of the jar it came in without writing down the name! It took us a few hours searching the Internet to find this candle and we immediately repurchased it because it smells so good.

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