The Lodge Candle


Mökki - Inspired by the glorious log cabins of Finland.

Close your eyes to transport yourself away to the middle of the forest, into the wooden cabin, with the log fire burning (you can even hear the crackle).

This warming essential oil blend works to destress the mind and boost your mood.

Size : 180 ml 

Burn Time : 35 - 40 hours

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Best candle to find & The Lodge is by far the best smell ever encountered!

I've met the candles in London in a small market a few years ago and Iv' been hooked since. No other candle even comes close.
Keep up the good work! Just WAUW!


lovely candle always making my room feel cosy.

Maureen Payne
Present for daughter

My daughter had one and was trying to use it I bought her 2 as presents. On opening one on her Birthday 12th I was greeted with “Omg great, I’ve been making my one last, now I don’t need too”. She went on to say how her original one lasted her nearly a year!!!!!” I panicked, I’d bought her 2, the other for Christmas..
Cutting a long story short, I didn’t put it under the tree, but on Boxing Day told her the story, she laughed, she then told me that the only reason it lasted it a year, is that she didn’t want it to run out in lockdown..
She loves it that much she has 2 and is more than happy..
She had to leave London, and move back home to Plymouth..
She told me she likes it so much, because it reminds her of log fires, and wood cabins.
So if anyone likes that smell, she recommends Highly Recommends this candle.
The service was brilliant, it arrived the next day after being dispatched..

Linda Barker
Heaven scent

These are the very best candles - end of story- I’m addicted


Smells like a crackling fire with hints of citrus! Absolutely amazing!

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