Our Story



The principle idea underpinning Maison Des Rêves ("House Of Dreams") is the ambition to break out of living in fear of failure and moving towards a life driven by passion.

MDR is far more than a brand, but a lifestyle in its' entirety. Our dream is to provide a platform for spreading positivity, empowering individuals to greatness and enable them to reach their goals.  

Not only has each element of the manufacturing process been carefully considered and ethically tested, but we strongly believe that every business has a responsibility to ensure a significant social output. As part of our brand DNA, for each item sold, a donation will be made to our charity partners.


"During my travels to Asia in 2016, it was deeply saddening to see a number of young children working through to the early hours of the morning, as I went with some friends to grab a late bite. Talking to some of the locals, it is common for children to leave school to earn money to support their families. This needs to change for us to get closer to eradicating poverty!"  - Founder


We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we enjoyed creating them.