Vision Aid Overseas

1.1 billion people across the globe suffer from near vision impairment, simply because they do not have a pair of spectacles. The result of this is a lower quality of life, lower economic productivity and literacy issues (many students cannot see their blackboard and end up dropping out of school).The estimated loss in GDP annually is $202 Billion.

Where parents are unable to work due to their poor eyesight, their children may need to work to support the family, again having a significant impact on their education, leading to lower literacy rates and creating a cycle of poverty.

Vision Aid Overseas has been working tirelessly on developing sustainable and affordable eyecare services to provide eye tests, prescription glasses and further treatment where required. A number of projects are run alongside government bodies to develop and implement national strategies and improve the current infrastructure to build more vision centres and reach the most marginalised members of society.

When you purchase a t-shirt from Maison Des Rêves, you directly help transform the lives of these indivduals. For every item purchased, eyecare will be provided to an individual in Sierra Leone. Where necessary, this includes spectacles and further treatment.