The Yoga Studio


ऋषिकेश - Inspired by the home of Yoga, Rishikesh

Close your eyes to transport yourself away from the busy City streets to the spiritual centre of the World, Rishikesh.

This essential oil blend works to calm and relieve the body of stress.

A beautiful combination that has been a big hit since launching the scent.

Size : 180 ml 

Burn Time : 35 - 40 hours

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Smells amazing - great quality

I absolutely love the scent of this candle! All of these candles are such good quality and I love the wooden wicks. So calming and relaxing having one of these on

Lee Casey
Everyone loves the smell

Bought several of these December 2019 for the family and everyone loves the smell of The Yoga Studio candle. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a zen candle.

Gorgeous treat

I’m a bit of a candle addict and received a yoga candle for Mother’s Day. All others are now collecting dust and as the first one was flickering it’s last few burns, I ordered another. Such a beautiful item and makes a great gift .Yoga is a divine fragrance and I’d love to try the others, it’s now a constant in my home. Everything you’d want from a candle.

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